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Design Your Own
Custom Size
Magnetic Signs!
All Sizes Available
Pick your size, colors, borders, special effects, typestyles, clipart, deluxe borders, etc.

20" x 12"
$14 ea
$28 pair of 2
Magnetic Signs
(or $16 single sign)

Includes Free Clipart with up to five lines of copy.  Pick your color, border, clipart & typestyle.

18" x 12"
$13 ea
$26 pair of 2
Magnetic Signs
(or $15 single sign)

Includes Free Clipart with up to four lines of copy.  Pick your color, border, clipart  & typestyle.

12" x 6"
$9.00 ea
 $18.00 pair of 2
Magnetic Signs
(or $10 single sign)

Includes Free Clipart with up to three lines of copy.  Pick your color, border, clipart  & typestyle.

'Design My
Custom Size
Magnetic Signs
For Me'
All Sizes Available
Let us know the size, and what you have in mind, and we'll find appropriate clipart, colors, etc. and design your magnetic signs for you TODAY!

We use only top quality .030 magnetic media, magnetized to 14 poles per inch and high performance vinyl graphics!

"I am blown away by your company's customer service. The proof looks
FANTASTIC and y'all have been so easy to work with. 
How refreshing to work with a company that ACTUALLY puts
customer service as their #1 priority!" 
                                                                    Cynthia Castillo, Language Arts Liaison

Our motto "Price is Important, but Satisfaction is Priceless" brings you the best of both worlds for  Great prices and a great product!  There is no minimum order, and 'You don't pay until you are happy with your design'  is our policy!  Custom signs are moving billboards, hard working, and inexpensive enough to change frequently, making them the near perfect solution for inexpensive advertising!  We use only top quality products assuring that you get the most for your money.

Thanks for shopping,

"What a great company.  I had a proof very quickly for review and it was fantastic!! 
I would highly recommend your company to others for your quick service and great prices. 
You guys are GREAT!
Thank you, Heath Anderson"  (By the Bay Home Inspections)


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Use & Care Tips

Before Applying your signs be sure they, and your vehicle, are clean and dry.  You can use warm water and a cloth to be sure there is no dust on the back before you try to install them (even a small amount of dust can interfere with good adhesion).  Lay them flat for a time so that they can regain their shape and will lay flat.  It is best if your vehicle has been waxed not less than two months ago.  If your vehicle has just recently been waxed, or is new, please allow several months for the wax (or paint) to cure to avoid damage to your vehicle.  Your signs will hold best to flat surfaces and surfaces with slight curves. Rounding the corners will help with a good attachment to your vehicle.  When they are placed in the wrong position, remove and realign. Do not pull your signs to realign when they are against the surface, as the material may stretch due to resistance caused by the high magnetic strength. Make sure the entire magnet is against the metal surface (no air pockets). Do not apply to newly repainted surfaces.   We will not assume responsibility for any loss or damage that occurs to your signs due to mishandled media.

Some moisture and dirt may collect behind them. Remove and clean both the surfaces and allow both to dry thoroughly. Repeat the cleaning process weekly when used in an outdoor environment. For extra assurance, it is highly recommended that you remove them daily.

We highly recommend rounding the corners once you receive them!

Click for Full Use & Care